Membership Renewals: Based on the date Purchased

Membership Packages that are created 'Based on the Date Purchased' can begin at any point throughout the year and will expire after the term length which you set when creating the package has come to an end. This guide takes you through how to renew these membership packages.

Members within start from the day of purchase packages will receive an automatic renewal reminder email one week before their membership is due to expire and another on the day their membership has expired. The email contains information about the package and a link to renew.

You can also send additional renewal reminders from within the admin area. To do this, go into the membership package, click into the LAPSED TAB and select the members you would like to send the reminder to using the check boxes next to their name. You can select everyone in the list by selecting the check box next to the first name column. 


Click on 'Renewal' above the table to bring up the email overlay.


You can change the subject line and add any additional information you require. The selected members will receive an email like the below.

After clicking on the 'Apply now and renew membership' link, the member will be prompted to login.


If they have already registered with your venue, they will need to use the same account to login. If they haven't they can register an account by clicking on the 'Don't already have an account? Register' link.

Once logged it, they can click on the 'Renew now' button.


And then select their preferred payment method.

And then select their preferred payment method.

Once they confirm the payment, you will be notified by email. If they have chosen to pay online, all their information will be updated automatically but with cash, cheque and other payments, you will need to update their details once your have received the payment.

The member will have now moved from the lapsed to paid tab within the membership package.

Something to bear in mind, when memberships expire they will automatically be placed into a 'Lapsed' state until they renew their membership.  This will factor in any stipulated grace period for the package. So if the grace period is set 10 days, they will lapse 10 days after the membership has expired. Another consideration is the payment status in this scenario.  Despite, being in a 'lapsed' state, the record will still be shown as 'Paid' as the Lapsed member has not applied for a new membership but has fully paid for the previous package. 

A payment history will show on the member's record so you can check to see which year has been paid.



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