Creating a Team Challenge event

To create a Team Challenge event you will need to access your ClubSpark admin area. Do this by signing into and clicking on your name in the top right corner.


Once in your admin area select the Events module.


Within the Events module select Create new.


Select Team Challenge from the overlay.


First you'll need to add the event info.


There is already a default cover photo but you can add your own if you prefer.

Next you'll need to add your activities.


Fill in all the activity details before saving.ClubSpark___Admin___Activities__6_.png

Further activities can be added if required.


Once you've added all your activities and are ready to take bookings, you can publish your event. ClubSpark___Admin___Activities__8_.png


The event will publish to your Events page. You can view this page within your Website module.






Once your Event is created you'll need to trigger your Event pack. To do this, select your recently created Event from the below page.


Once selected it will take you through to the Edit Event page.  From here select the below link highlighted in red:


 This will take you through to a quick survey, once you've completed this, your Event Pack will be sent out to you.

Every-time a player books on to your event, you as the admin will receive an email notification of the booking and players involved. 


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