Managing your Schedules

Managing your schedules allows you to determine who can make bookings at different times and at what price. It is here where you are able to create rules and apply these to different courts and times of the day.

To manage the schedules of your venue click on the 'Booking' module along the left hand side of the admin site, followed by 'Settings' in the top right of the page. On the next page, scroll down and click 'Manage schedules'.

As shown in the image above - click the 'Manage' button adjacent to the schedule you would like to manage.

The next page will be shown:

In the drop down menu there is a list of the available courts at your venue plus a 'All courts' setting. The 'All courts' setting will represent all of your courts unless you create a separate schedule for any of your available courts.


To the right hand side of your schedule, where you see the green 'default' box, click on the blue "Edit" link. The following overlay will appear; this is where you can set the user type and any charges that will apply to those court bookings. For example, in the image below "Everyone" (meaning non-members in this case) can book for £10 and members will be able to book a court for free.



Click on the blue "Save" button to save your rules and return to the schedule.

Back on the schedule page - you can also change the opening times of a court. This is done by clicking on the colour box corresponding to the "Closed" rules and then clicking on any time and day slot you wish to change. This is useful when wanting to close your courts at different times and on different days.

In the example below - Mondays 8am - 12 noon and Fridays 8am - 12 noon are closed (shown in yellow). Remember to click on the blue "Save schedules" button at the top right of the schedule, when you have made all the required changes.



Further roles can be added to this ruleset by clicking the 'New rule' link.

Once you save this rule you can create a new rule by clicking the 'New rule' link under the restrictions and costs heading. You are able to give this rule a name and decide what rules apply to it. For example you could call it Coaching and choose to only allow contacts or members with a Coach responsibility to book when this rule is applied. Click on the blue "Save" button to keep this rule and return to the Schedule.



With the new Ruleset created, you can now apply it to your schedule. To do this, click the colour box next to your new rule (e.g. Purple box next to "Coaching" ) and then click on the time and day slot you wish to apply it to, as shown in the image below:



The rules have been applied to "All Courts" - as shown above. However, if you wanted to create a separate schedule for just one of your courts, you can do this by selecting a court from the drop down menu and click the 'Create separate schedule' link.


You can now apply different rules to this court (in the example below - it has been blocked out for "members only" - with the ruleset applied that Members bookings are free of charge. So only members will be able to book onto Court 1, with this schedule in place.


Click on the blue "Save schedules" button to keep this schedule for Court 1. If you want to revert to the default schedule (e.g. if you want to make this court available to more categories of players), then click on the blue link: 'Use default schedule' which will appear under the restrictions and costs of any separately created schedule.





Click on the down arrow next to "Court 1" (top left of your page) - select "All Courts" and you will be taken back to the default schedule which will now apply to Court 1.



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