Managing your Courts

To manage the courts at your venue click on the 'Booking' module along the left hand side of the admin page, click the settings button in the top right and then click 'Manage courts'.

When managing the courts at your venue, you are able to determine the:

  • Court name
  • Location - Outdoor, indoor, temporary indoor
  • Size - Full, mini, touch
  • Surface - Acrylic, artificial grass, artificial clay, carpet, clay, grass, hard, tarmac
  • Lighting - Non-Floodlit, floodlit

To add additional courts, click the '+ Add resource tab'.

The 'Archived' box to the right of the court properties enables users to archive a court. This could be because that particular court is being resurfaced so is unavailable. Once the court is available again, uncheck the box to make the court visible on your booking sheet.

If you would like your court properties not to show up on your booking sheet, check the box adjacent to 'Don't show resource properties on booking sheet'.

Make sure you save any changes you make using the 'Save courts' button before you exit the page.

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