Creating a Schedule

Creating a Schedule for your venue is the first step in arranging who has access to your courts and if any charges will occur for court bookings. In this section you can create different schedules for different times of the year.

To create a schedule for your venue click on the 'Booking' module along the left hand side of the admin page, then over on the top right of the page, click into 'Settings' and scroll down the page to the 'Manage schedules'.


Here you can choose to manage your default schedule by clicking the 'manage' button adjacent to the default schedule (see "Managing Your Schedule" for more information). Alternatively you can select '+ Add schedule' to create a new schedule, where you choose its name and when it is active. For example you could create a winter schedule that runs from the beginning of November until the end of February. 

Once you have created the schedule click the 'Save schedules' button so you can then manage your new schedule.

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