Editing details of a session within my Tennis Tuesdays course

Start by selecting the course you want to edit from the Tennis Tuesdays programme landing page.


To edit a specific session, select the session you want to change.


Select the ‘Edit session’ button.


From here you can alter any of the session details. This won’t affect any of the other sessions within the course. If you change the price it won’t affect the price for someone who has already booked on. If you change the time then you should email any participants who have booked onto that session to inform them.


If you want to edit all of your upcoming sessions within a course, select the course you want to edit and then select ‘Edit course’.


Once edited if you select the ‘Update upcoming sessions?’ check box this will make changes to all future sessions within the course. If you don’t select this it the changes will only apply to any new sessions you add to the course.


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