Sending Renewal Reminders

If you have seasonal membership packages, it's very easy to set up renewals. 

1. Create your new membership package

Click on the "Membership" link in ClubSpark and "Add new package". We suggest you add a year or season to help you differentiate from previous packages - e.g. Adult Members 2014.


2. Import your members

Import members from your existing packages - e.g. from a 2014 package to your new 2015 package. You can choose to import just the active members or everyone from the previous package. 

Your members from your previous package will now appear in your new package. Their status will be set to "pending" until they sign up to the new package and choose how they want to pay.


3. Send renewal reminders

From the members listing page, you can now send a renewal email. Select all members by clicking the check box next to the first name column or select individual members by selecting the check box next to each member. Then click payment to send the renewal email.


4. Renewal email

The email will be sent with your logo and details, so make sure you've uploaded a logo in the "Profile" section. 

The top part of the email is all editable. You can write what you want here to introduce your new package. When you're happy with the email this will send an invite to all of your existing members to join this package. 

At the same time as renewing their membership, we also ask your members to check the detail you hold for them and update this information. It's a good way to ensure your data is kept up to date. 

As soon as a member joins a new package, you will receive an email to let you know. At the same time their payment history (to reflect amount paid and payment method) will be updated and status set to "Active" in ClubSpark. 


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