Processing refunds on my Tennis Tuesdays sessions

Within each session (theme) a user can view a list of attendees with a checkbox on the left hand side of each attendee name.

An admin can select the check box at the top of the list (next to First name) which would select all the check boxes.

An admin can then select refund and it will refund all the attendees that have been selected.

However refunds will only apply to the following players in the list.

- Those players that have paid online only
- Those players who have not been refunded before (No in that column)
- Those player that do not have a star by the ‘No’ in Refunded list (59 days has passed)

Admin then asked if they are sure they want to refund the players.

If a user goes through to a players profile (clicking their name on the table list) they can also refund a player by selecting the ‘refund’ button (on the right hand side)

Admin asked if they are sure they want to refund player.

Once refunded where it says “paid £ x.xx’ it will now say how much the contact has been refunded.

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