Creating a Mini Tennis Course

Start by selecting the Programmes module on the left hand side of the admin area, and then select the Mini Tennis programme.

Here you can view all your Mini Tennis courses. The tabs at the top allow you to switch between active, completed and cancelled courses. To create a new course, select the ‘Add new course’ button.

First select the theme of your course from the drop down menu. The options are: Tots, Red, Orange, Green and Any.

The name and description fields are for your purposes only to allow you to distinguish between different courses you might be running.

The Confirmation field will allow you to give participants a personalised message on the booking confirmation page and within the confirmation email they receive. 

Now select a start date for the first class of you course using the date picker, followed by the number of classes to create, the interval between classes (weekly, daily), the capacity, the cost and whether you will allow players to join after the course has started.

If you are allowing players to join after the course has started, you can enter a cost per class.

Within the class defaults section choose the course name, time and duration. These will be applied to all the classes in the course but you can edit them at class level if you need. Once added select the ‘Save course’ button. You course will now be published on


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