Deleting a contact

A contact can only be deleted if they do not have any administrator roles or an active membership. If you would like to delete a contact with either of these, you will have to edit the contact to take away any administrator roles and/or cancel their membership.

To delete a contact from your venue, you must go through the contacts module. You won't be able to delete a contact if you go through the membership module.

Click on the name of the contact you would like to delete. Then select edit contact.


 Now select delete contact.

If the contact has an administrator role or membership, you will receive a pop message telling you the reason the contact can't be deleted.

If the contact doesn't have either of these you will have to confirm you would like to delete the contact.

The contact will now be removed from your contacts list.

If the contact previously had a membership which you cancelled, they will still be listed in the cancelled tab of the membership package but when you click on the contact you will see they will have a deleted tag next to their name.

You won't be able to invite or email this email address after deletion (unless a new contact record is created).


To Restore a Deleted contact - In the Admin Area, Select the Contacts module from the left side of options. Your current list of contacts will be displayed.

Scroll to the bottom of the list, Click on the blue link on the right at the end of the list: "View Deleted Contacts"

On the next page, all the contacts that have been deleted will be displayed. Click along the row of the contact you would like to restore. You will see the deleted contact shown as below:



Click on the link "restore" and the contact will be restored to the active list of Contacts. 


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