How can I change the order of navigation on my website? Navigation Sort Order

If you'd like to change the order which these pages appear (e.g. Coaching, then Membership, then Bookings etc) it is now possible to do this by giving each page a "Navigation Sort Order " number. Each page will start with a default of zero so you can start moving these titles around by changing this number.

Click on Website in the left hand task bar

Over on the right, Click on "Coaching" and the following options will appear: 

Firstly, 'Show in navigation' must be ticked, for the Coaching page to appear.

Then, to give Coaching the first position on your Home Page, you should give it the Navigation Sort Order = 1.

Repeat this procedure for all the other pages you wish to order. Click on each title in turn e.g Membership, Booking and so on, and give each a Navigation Sort Order number. For example, give the next page (Membership) the Navigation Sort Order = 2:


So, with Coaching at 1 and Membership at 2, they will appear on the Website Home Page in order like this:


In the above example, Coaching has the Navigation Sort Order of 1, Membership = 2, Booking = 3, Junior Club = 4 and Junior Club Two = 5


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