Manage your LTA Tennis For Kids Course

Please note, for information on how to Create you LTA Tennis For Kids Course - please refer to this article for more details: Create your LTA Tennis For Kids Course

Once you have created your LTA Tennis For Kids Course, visitors to your website will be able to book onto the course, as below:

You will be notified with each new booking, with a system generated email.

When a maximum of 10 users have booked onto your LTA Tennis For Kids Course, you will be sent an email notification similar to this: 

At this point, over on your website, anyone wanting to book onto this course will be advised that the course is full but that they are able to join your Waiting List:



Similarly, you will be advised via a system generated email each time someone joins your Waiting List.

Both the "Book Your Place" and "Join Waiting List" processes are the same:

  • Your existing users can sign in through their ClubSpark account as usual and add the Juniors already associated with their account (or add new Juniors) to this course.

  • New users can register a ClubSpark account as a non-member and add new Juniors to this course.

To manage the Attendee and Waiting Lists either:

  • click on the blue link as shown in the notification email above, or

  • go directly to your ClubSpark Admin Area and click on "Coaching" on the left side list of options and Click on the blue "View Programmes" button in the top right, then click on the box with "LTA Tennis for Kids" and the following page will appear:

Click anywhere on the Tennis For Kids course that you have created, and you will now see the Attendee List (showing the maximum of 10 attendees names in this example):

Now that the course is full, and providing you ticked the box "Enable Waiting List" when creating the course, then the names of those who have joined the Waiting List online will be shown directly underneath: 

Adding names to the Waiting List

While it is possible for an Administrator to add names to the Waiting List (via the website only) it is recommended that you advise your users to do this themselves, so that their contact details will be listed against the Junior Player's name (and not the contact details for the Club Administrator). 

Moving from Waiting List to Attendee List

Firstly, let's use the following example from the above list of Attendees: Brian Dowd cancels and you have one name on your waiting list to move to the Attendee List: Vincent Murray.

To remove Brian Dowd from the Attendee list, Click anywhere on Brian Dowd's record and you will see a full page record for this player:

In the top right corner, click on the drop-down list and change the status to "Cancelled". Please note, if there is more than one Junior Player associated with the Registered user then a list of Players' names will appear and in the top right of each record - a "bin icon" can be clicked to cancel the individual name within the group of names. Once cancelled, return to your Attendee list.

You will see that you now have 9 x Active and 1 x  Cancelled Attendees - Brian Dowd's details have been saved in the Cancelled List for future reference:


Next - you have two options in moving Vincent Murray from the Waiting List to the Attendee List:

  1. "Move" the name from the waiting list onto the attendee list immediately and an email confirming this will be generated by the system and sent to the Registered User's email address; 


  2. "Invite" the person to join this Tennis For Kids course. If the invitation is accepted by the person - they will automatically move from the waiting list to the attendee list and an email confirming this will be generated by the system and sent to the user.

For 1. above - Tick the box next to Vincent Murray's name and you will see some options become available above this record, to the right - Print, Export CSV, Email, Invite and Move To: 

 Click on "Move To" and you will be asked the following:

To send a notification email to the Player, to confirm they have been added to the course, place a tick next to that box and then click on the blue button "Move." The name will be moved from the Waiting list to the Attendee list and an email will be sent to the registered user confirming they are now on the course.

If your Tennis For Kids Course has been set to "Public" Availability - Moving the record immediately will mean that no-one else can book this place in the meantime.

For 2. above - Tick the box next to the name on the waiting list and choose the "Invite" option which appears to the top right of the record. You will be then asked the following:

If your waiting list contains many names, and you've ticked the box next to one / all / some names on your Waiting List, then by clicking the blue "yes" button this invitation can be sent out to a number of records at the same time. The first to accept the invitation will secure the place.

Again, if your course availability is set to "Public" then it would be possible for someone not on the waiting list to book the newly available space, in the meantime.

Your waiting list user will receive the following email, asking them to book their place by following the blue link in the email:




By following the link, if the course is still available, the user will see this page on your website:


When the user clicks on the "Book your Place" link - the Juniors associated with the Registered user will appear - the name on the Waiting List, to be added to the Attendee list, will be ticked:



The user just needs to accept the T&Cs and then click on the "Book Now" button for Vincent Murray to automatically move from the Waiting List to the Attendee List.

Now when you check your attendee list - after following either option 1. or 2. above - you will see that Vincent Murray has now been moved from the Waiting List to the Attendee List.


Other functions available with your Waiting List: 

Select All - by ticking the box at the top of of the boxes next to the names on your Waiting List you can select the entire list.

Print - after ticking the boxes next to the names required, you can print a list of these names.

Export CSV - after ticking the boxes next to the names required, a list of names can be exported to spreadsheet.

Email - after ticking the boxes next to the names required, an email can be sent which can be fully edited by you with any extra information you'd like your Waiting List players to be aware of - see example below:






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    John Gray

    Is it possible to move users from one course to another (e.g. to help match ability levels, or to move friends onto the same course )?

    Similarly is it possible to move /invite people from the waiting list of one course onto another course?

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