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"Tennis For Kids" is a free 6-week coaching course packed full of action packed games and activities designed as the perfect introduction to tennis for kids aged 5-8.

Specific training is required in order to be eligible to offer a "Tennis for Kids" course. Please contact the LTA for more details here:

To create a "Tennis for Kids" course, within your Admin Area, click on "Coaching" from the options listed in the left and then click on the blue "View Programmes" button on the top right of your screen. You will see a screen listing your course options, including LTA Tennis for Kids as below:



For now, it will show as '0 courses' until you create a course.

Click on "LTA Tennis for Kids" as shown above and you will see the next screen:


Once you have attended the specific LTA training, you can set up your online course here. Click on the blue "+ Add New Course" button on the right side of your screen, you will now see the following page (we have displayed this in several sections below):


Availability: This will default to Hidden until you are ready to publish this course. Choose from Hidden / Public / Direct Link Only and Archived in this section. Click on the '?' symbol to the right of this box for a full explanation of each term.

Code: This should be something which is meaningful to you for admin purposes e.g. TFK1. It is not visible to the public.

Additional Information: This is fixed text and you can see it by clicking on the '?' symbol to the right of the box. More text can be added if required.


Additional Confirmation: This is fixed text and will be included in the email generated by the system. You can see it by clicking on the '?' symbol to the right of the box. Your additional text will be inserted where indicated.


"Add Course" screen continued:


Enter the date you wish to start the course.

The number of classes is fixed at 6 - this cannot be changed.

Choose from Daily / Weekly interval for classes.

Capacity in each class is fixed at a maximum of 10 attendees. Again this cannot be changed.

Allow joining after course has started - Tick this box if you wish to allow late joiners, or leave it blank to keep the attendee list fixed after the course has started.

Enable Waiting List - We recommend that you tick this box to allow people to enter their details via your website, even if the course is fully subscribed, so they can join a waiting list. When space becomes available on your course due to a cancellation, you will have the option to either:

  1. "Move" the name from the waiting list onto the attendee list immediately and an email confirming this will be generated by the system to the user's registered email address; 


  2. "Invite" the person to join this Tennis For Kids course. If the invitation is accepted by the person - they will automatically move from the waiting list to the attendee list and an emailing confirming this will be generated by the system and sent to the user.

    Both of these options are described in more detail in the article "Manage your LTA Tennis for Kids Course"

    Please be aware, that if the Availability is set to 'Public' then anyone can book into this course in the meantime. To ensure that your waiting list names get the next available opportunity, we recommend you 'Move' the name to the attendee list and allow the system to send a confirmation email to the user to let them know they have been added to the course.

Contact email / Contact Telephone - these details will be completed from your ClubSpark profile account, but you do have the options to change this information here e.g. to the email / telephone number of the Coach running the course.

"Add Course" screen continued:


Enter the Class Defaults details:

Name of the Coach teaching the course

The start time of the class (available in 15 minute increments from 06:00)

Duration - this can be upwards of 30 minutes (maximum 480 minutes)

Finally on the 'Add Course' screen, you will see the option to include details for any Follow On offers you wish to make available to the users of the Tennis For Kids course:


The "Offer type" will be either Membership, Programme, Court Booking or Promotional and you will need to enter in text in the Description box. If you need help in selecting text for this area, click on the blue link "Need some inspiration or help with your offers?" and some examples will appear. You can leave this blank if you decide not to make any offers available.

Click on the Blue "Save course" button to save and finish. You will see your completed Tennis For Kids course displayed like this:

If you have selected the Availability as "Public" this course will now be showing on your website and members + non members may book onto this course on a 'first come, first served' basis - up to a maximum of 10 attendees. Any additional names will be listed on your Waiting List.

Please see our article "Manage your LTA Tennis For Kids Course" for more information on how to move names from the waiting list to the Attendee list.





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