Moving from Waiting List to Attendee List

You have two options in moving attendees from the Waiting List to the Attendee List:

  1. "Move" the name from the waiting list onto the attendee list immediately and an email confirming this will be generated by the system and sent to the Registered User's email address; 


  2. "Invite" the person to join this Tennis For Kids course. If the invitation is accepted by the person - they will automatically move from the waiting list to the attendee list and an email confirming this will be generated by the system and sent to the user.

For 1. above - Tick the box next to an attendees name and you will see some options become available above this record, to the right - Print, Export CSV, Email, Invite and Move To: 

Click on "Move To" and you will be asked the following:

To send a notification email to the Player, to confirm they have been added to the course, place a tick next to that box and then click on the blue button "Move." The name will be moved from the Waiting list to the Attendee list and an email will be sent to the registered user confirming they are now on the course.

If your Tennis For Kids Course has been set to "Public" Availability - Moving the record immediately will mean that no-one else can book this place in the meantime.

For 2. above - Tick the box next to the name on the waiting list and choose the "Invite" option which appears to the top right of the record. You will be then asked the following:

If your waiting list contains many names, and you've ticked the box next to one / all / some names on your Waiting List, then by clicking the blue "yes" button this invitation can be sent out to a number of records at the same time. The first to accept the invitation will secure the place.

Again, if your course availability is set to "Public" then it would be possible for someone not on the waiting list to book the newly available space, in the meantime.

Your waiting list user will receive the following email, asking them to book their place by following the blue link in the email:

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