Coaching Course: Price Variation for Members and Non Members - Advantage Tennis Training and Tennis Tuesdays

Here are the steps on how to set a variation in pricing for your coaching course.

  • From within the Admin Area, select "Coaching" module from the list of options on the left.
  • Click on blue button on right side "View Programmes"
  • Click on the Programme type you wish to create e.g. LTA Advantage Tennis Training
  • Click on "Add New Course"
  • Fill in all the details as required.

As the booking process is slightly different for Advantage Tennis Training / Tennis Tuesdays and the other coaching courses, we will deal with these separately.

To view the steps for Member / Non Member Price Variation on all other coaching courses CLICK HERE.

1) Price Variation - Advantage Tennis / Tennis Tuesdays

  • Scroll down to "Class Defaults"

  • Member discount: Select "Yes" from drop down menu
  • Cost: Enter the Full amount e.g. for non members = 10.00
  • Member cost: Enter the reduced cost here e.g. for members = 5.00
  • Click on the blue "Save" button

You will see that the Advantage Course has been created, however it is showing (0) Classes. You now need to add some classes, for this course to appear on your website.

  • Click on blue "Add New Class" button, on right side of page.

For Advantage and Tennis Tuesdays, the date and the theme are automatically selected - these can both be changed if required.

  • Keep clicking on "Add New Class" button at the bottom, for more classes to appear. The dates and the themes are selected for you each time.


When your course is complete,

  • Click on "Save Classes" button

You will return to the list of classes, now showing as (6) classes in the course..

To view your newly created classes on the ClubSpark website, 

  • Click into any of the class names
  • Click on either "Direct Link" For the ClubSpark website (listed below as "Advantage") or; Your Club / Coaching Organisation's own website (listed below as "The Wimbledon Club" in this example): 

Over on the Advantage website, the course will appear as follows:

Under "Choose your playing level"

  • select from Advanced / Intermediate / Improver or Beginner

and the class times will appear underneath.

  • Tick the box next to the session you'd like to book -  as follows:

Your members will now be able to select their member status in the area "About You" and the prices will adjust accordingly.

Please note: the Club/Coach administrator is responsible for ensuring that only Members have selected the reduced "Member Pricing" as the ClubSpark system will allow anyone to select "Yes" to Members option, at this stage of the process.

See below for the Member pricing selection.

  • Select "Yes" for "About You: Are you a member ...."


  • Click on "Continue" button at the bottom of the page

  • Tick the Terms & Conditions box

  • Click on the Pay Online Now button and continue with Online Payment process, using credit/debit card details in the STRIPE online payment system.
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