Coaching Course: Price Variation For Members And Non Members - Custom and Mini Tennis


Following feedback from Venues and Coaches, we are now able to offer price variations for your coaching courses for Members and Non Members.

Here are the steps on how to set a variation in pricing for your coaching course.

  • From within the Admin Area, select "Coaching" module from the list of options on the left.
  • Click on blue button on right side "View Programmes"
  • Click on the Programme type you wish to create e.g. Junior, Mini Tennis or any other Custom type of course
  • Click on "Add New Course"
  • Fill in all the details as required.

As the booking process is slightly different for Advantage Tennis Training / Tennis Tuesdays and the other coaching courses, we will deal with these separately.

To view the steps for Member / Non Member Price Variation on Advantage and Tennis Tuesdays coaching courses CLICK HERE.

1) Member / Non Member Price Variation - Custom and Mini Tennis Courses

  • Scroll down to "Costs"

  • Member discount: Select "Yes" from drop down menu
  • Cost: Enter the Full amount e.g. for non members = 7.50
  • Member cost: Enter the reduced cost here e.g. for members = 3.50
  • Complete the rest of the course details in the Class Defaults section
  • Click on the blue "Save Course" button at the end of the page.

You will see that the LTA Mini Tennis Course has been created, and it is showing (12) Classes (this is the 6 classes we have just created plus any other Classes previously created in this category, including courses completed; in this example we already had 6 Classes created and completed in another course, so the total classes here = (12):


 Click anywhere on the name of the newly created Course "Mini Tennis Summer 2016"  to see the list of 6 x Classes:


To view your newly created Mini Tennis course & classes - either visit the Mini Tennis website or your club/coaching organisations website.

Over on the ClubSpark Website, Select the "Mini Tennis" option and the course will appear as follows:

Click on the Course (e.g. "Mini Tennis Summer 2016" and the following Booking Option will appear:


  • Click on the "Book Your Place" button (inside the Yellow Circle above
The following options will appear (in the example below, the Parent "You" is a member, but the Child "Sam Smith" is selected as "N" = non-member). As this is the Junior Course - the only membership relevant here is the Child's. The price below reflects a Child non-member booking this course of 6 classes for £7.50:

To go ahead with the booking above,

  • Tick the "Terms and Conditions" box
  • Click on the Yellow "Pay Now" button
  • Complete the online payment process using credit/debit card details in the STRIPE online payment system.



If the Child is a member of the club (in a Junior or Family Membership), change the radio dial from an "N" to a "Y" and the following members' pricing variation will appear:


In the above example, the Member child "Sam Smith" is eligible to purchase the same 6 class Course for the member price of £3.50.

Please note: the Club/Coach administrator is responsible for ensuring that only Members have selected the reduced "Member Pricing" as the ClubSpark system will allow anyone to select "Yes" to Member option, at this stage of the process.


  • Click on the Yellow Pay Now button and continue with Online Payment process, using credit/debit card details in the STRIPE online payment system.
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  • Avatar
    Robert Cunningham

    Great news that you have added this functionality. One question, How do I use it for my coaching website?

  • Avatar
    Angela Burke

    HI Robert
    This functionality is available in the same format as outlined above, in the ClubSpark Coaching website. If you'd like to talk through how to use this feature on your site, please get in touch with our helpdesk on tel: 0208 247 3857.
    Thanks - The Team.

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