Creating an Advantage course

Start by selecting the Coaching module on the left hand side of the admin area, followed by view programmes in the top right corner and then select the LTA Advantage programme.

To create a new course, select the ‘+ Add new course’ button.

First select the availability of the course.

The course is not available to anyone. You can use this setting to hide the course while you are setting it up or making changes to it later.

The course will be available to all and will appear in search results.

Direct link only
The course will not appear in search results, but will be available via direct links.

The course is no longer available at your venue and will be moved into your archived courses.

Followed by a code. This will help you identify courses in the admin area (e.g. MT03). It is entirely up to you what you enter. It is not displayed to the public.

The description and confirmation text boxes are pre-filled but you can edit or add to these.

Select a start date for the first session of you course using the date picker. 

You can offer bulk discounts for this course. This allows you to choose how many classes booked by the same person in the same transaction qualify for a discount, and what percentage discount to apply. For example you could offer a 10% discount when someone books 3 sessions at the same time.

If you're creating a course through a coaching organisation, you can use the venue lookup to find the venue where the course will be taking place. This field won't be there if you are creating the course as a venue.

You can add any additional venue information that you think is relevant. 

The name of the coach and a photo of the coach can be optionally added. These as well as the venue information will be shown to the player after they have completed the booking.

Select the class time, duration, capacity and cost. These will be applied to all the sessions in the course but you can edit them at session level if you need.

After saving the course, you will need to add classes to your course. Select ‘Add new class’. 

Select ‘Add new class' to add as many classes as you want your course to include. You can edit the class theme and date. You can come back later and add more classes if you need. To finish select ‘Save classes’.

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