Marking participants as attended on a Advantage class

You can use the ClubSpark Coaching App to register all your attendees and add any ‘walk ups’ who haven’t booked. All this is synced with your ClubSpark system to save you the admin.

Alternatively you can do this directly in ClubSpark. Select the class you have run and you will see all the participants who booked. Select the ‘Attended’ check box for each participant who attended the class.

To add a new participant you can select ‘Add new booking’.

If it’s someone who hasn’t been to one of your sessions before you’ll need to complete all their contact details and select ‘Save’.


If it’s someone who has previously been to one of your sessions select the ‘Existing contact’ radio button. From here you can use the contact field to search for one of your contacts by name. By typing the participants name in the box all matching contact records will be returned and you can select the relevant contact.

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