How do I add a hyperlink on the ClubSpark website?

To add a hyperlink, follow these instructions:

1) Type in some link text i.e 'find out more here'

2) Select all these words with your mouse and click on the hyperlink icon in the row at the top of the text box (it's an image of a globe with a link in front of it - when you hover your cursor, you'll see the word "link") Click on this icon 

3) A box will pop up - in the URL section, paste in the booking page URL.

4) Click on the tab at the top which says "Target"

5) On the Target tab of the dialogue box, click on the drop down arrow and choose "open in new window" option

6) Click OK

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    David Neath

    How do you place an anchor in text to be able to link to it

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