How do I upload documents to my ClubSpark website? Hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks are a good way to share the most up-to-date documents with your users.

You can create a clickable link to another file (stored in a cloud drive such as DropBox), or a different web address or to allow users to email you directly from the website.

1) Go to the Website module in your Admin Area. In one of the text boxes e.g. on your Home Page, type in some text which will be 'clickable' for example:  'find out more here'


2) Next, Select all these words (Find out more here) with your mouse - the text will become highlighted - see below:



3) Click on the hyperlink icon in the row at the top of the text box (it's an image of a globe with a link in front of it - when you hover your cursor, you'll see the word "link" - see below: 


3) After clicking on the Link icon - a box will pop up - see below:




For a file stored in a DropBox, or another website address, the 'Link type' should be set to "URL" as shown above.

You could change this option to "Link to anchor in the text" (this will take the user to another location in your website). This option is available for users who are experienced with using source code to place these anchors in your text.

Another option here is "E-mail" - this will open a new email box with your email address - which can be specified in the empty box when you choose this option. Your users will be able to email you directly without searching for your contact details.




For linking to a file or another web address, in the empty URL box, add in the web address of either a DropBox file, or another location on the internet. Next, click on the tab titled "Target" .

4) Next, select 'new window' from the drop down menu. This means, that when someone clicks on the link in your website - the new location / file / email window will open in a New Window, while keeping the original window with your website open as well.



5) Click OK


6) Back on your Website module - you will see that the words "Find more here" have become underlined. This means the words are now linked to your file, location, email address (whichever type you have chosen to use). When someone clicks on this link on your website, they will be redirected to the web address / file / email box that you have linked to this word.



7) Most importantly! Click on the blue 'Save Details' button at the bottom to save your changes, before continuing with any other work.


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    David Neath

    How do you place an anchor in text to be able to link to it

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    Angela Burke

    Hi David, we have updated this article to include information on 'anchor in text'

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