Open Days: Import Attendees

With this feature, you can bulk import attendees from a spreadsheet before or after your event has occurred.

Within your Admin Area, click on Open Days on the list of options over on the left.

Click on "View" button next to the event into which you wish to import your attendee list.

Click on "Attendees" tab near the top of the page - if you already have attendees for this Open Day event in your list - you will see the following page:

Alternatively, if you haven't yet added any attendee names you will see the following page: 

Click on "Import Attendees" button (this button is on both page examples above)

You will see the following page - click on the link as shown below "Download the attendees import template here"

The template spreadsheet will appear as follows:

Fill in your attendee details (NB: Only Contact ID, First and Last names are required fields. Primary ContactID also required for groups.)

Consents: Yes/No field. These will match your Club's consents as they have been entered into ClubSpark (e.g. if your first consent option in ClubSpark is for receiving Newsletters, and your attendee has indicated they would like to receive Newsletters, then enter a Y in this field.)

Contact ID - this is a required field of any number chosen by you. The Contact ID is used for both an individual attendee and for group attendees. 

Primary Contact ID - similar to setting up your Family Memberships, the Primary Contact ID is used to link group attendees (in the example below; Alice, Ted and Ruby Smith are linked by Alice Smith's Contact ID = 1. Alice Smith is the Primary Contact for the group.) Leave blank if attendee is an individual and not part of a group (e.g. Jane Brown is an individual attendee, only ContactID is required and the Primary ContactID is left blank on this record.)


When completed, save your spreadsheet in your chosen file location.

Back in ClubSpark, click on "Choose File" and select the spreadsheet you have just saved (the file name will appear e.g. OpenDayAttendees.xlsx)

  Click on the blue "Import" button - the system will return a message when complete e.g. "4 records imported successfully".

Check your new Attendee list - click on the blue "View Attendees" button in the top right corner (see previous example) and your list of Open Day attendees will appear as follows:


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