Membership Renewals: Fixed Date Packages

** Please note - for membership packages that have been created "Based on the Date of Purchase" rather than on fixed 'same dates for all members' - the ClubSpark system will automatically send an email to the main contact / member to renew 1 week prior to the expiry date. Another email will be sent (if payment not recorded) on the day of expiry. For more information on renewal for Membership Packages 'based on the date of purchase' please click here.


For Membership packages with 'Same dates for all members' e.g. Club Year 1st April to 31 March:

There are three steps to the renewal process on ClubSpark:

1. Create membership packages for the new year
2. Import members from an existing package
3. Send out payment requests

Here we show you how to complete each step.

Create membership packages for the new year

The first step of the renewal process is to create your packages for the new year. To do this, head into the membership module and select '+ New Package'.

Next fill in the details of the package. The type and category are particularly important when creating renewal packages as these must match the package your are importing from.

Select the package dates for the new membership year.

Followed by the costs and payment methods.

Finally decide whether you would like to send any automatic payment reminders, before saving the package. 

Import members from an existing package

Click into a package which you have created for the new membership year and select 'Import members'.

Within the 'Import from existing package' section choose the package you would like to import from. Only packages with a matching 'type' & 'category will appear here.

Select 'Import' and then 'View members' in the top right corner. The members will go into the new years package as 'Not paid' and with a 'Pending' status.

Send out payment requests

You members are now ready to be sent a payment request.  You can select all members using the check box next to the first name column or select individual members using the check box next to each of their names.

Once you are happy with your selection, click 'Payment'. This will bring up an email overlay where you can add some of your own text to go with the fixed email content.

Please note the payment request journey differs slightly for junior and group packages. The only difference being that you need to select 'Main contacts' from the drop down menu just above the members table, as this is who the payment request will be sent to.




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