Importing Junior Members

To import your junior members, you will first have to create a junior package. You should create a package for all junior memberships available at your venue. E.g. Junior Under 18 2014, Junior Under 10 2014.

Once you have done this, the next step will be to populate your junior import spreadsheet with members relevant to the package you are importing to.

For example, if you created a Junior 2014 package, your spreadsheet should be populated with only your Junior 2014 members.

Please find an example junior import spreadsheet attached. You can use this spreadsheet to import, you will just have to clear the dummy data.

With our junior import, we require an adult contact to be associated with each junior. These adult contacts should be included of a separate row on the junior spreadsheet. If there is more than one child with the same adult contact, it's okay to just include the adult contact once.

Even if the adult has their own separate membership, they should still be included on the junior spreadsheet (if this is the case, just make sure they have the same first name, last name and email address to ensure there isn't a duplicate contact). 

Each person on the spreadsheet should have there own unique contact id. The contact id of the adult contact should then be put in primary contact id field of the juniors and the adult to link the junior's and adult together.

The cost, payment and date fields should be filled in on the row of each junior. 

The adult contact will receive all payment requests and invitations. 

Please note, that only the contact Id, primary contact id,  first name and last name fields are compulsory on the junior import sheet. Feel free to populate the fields as much or little as you please, you will be able to edit a members information once they have been imported.  Don't remove any columns, if you don't have the data, just leave them blank.

To begin your import, head to the membership module on the admin site and click on the membership package your would like to import to, in this case Junior 2014:

Now click on the 'Import members' button:

Go to import from an external file and select the 'Choose File' button:

After selecting your file, click the 'Import' button and once they have been imported click on the 'View members' button in the top right corner. If the spreadsheet has not be filled out correctly, you will receive error messages detailing the correct format.

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