Where can I see the emails sent in ClubSpark? Email Log

Emails that have been sent out by club administrators or generated automatically in ClubSpark, can be viewed in our 'Email Log'.

From within the Admin Area - Click on 'Home' from the list of options on the left side - and over on the right, click on the link to your Email page.

The following page will display:



Emails will display according to the DATE RANGE entered in the boxes (click on the blue 'Update' button to accept the date). Alternatively, click on one of the 'Show Me' options - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, This Week, This Month, This Year, followed by the 'Update' button, to show the emails in those periods.

The email record will be shown with: Send date, Email address, First / Last name, Subject heading and Status. 

Status Meanings:

Pending - the email is in a queue – waiting to be sent out of the ClubSpark system.

Sent - the email is successfully out of the ClubSpark system, and trying to reach the recipient address.

Opened - the email was browsed by the recipient and most likely has been read.

Clicked - that recipient has clicked one or more links within the email.

Blocked - the email did not leave our servers due to a permanent error: an invalid or non-existent email address, or the recipient reported ClubSpark as spam. Some emails may show the status 'pre-blocked', this means there was an existing error with that email address that our system had previously logged.

Bounced - the email returned with an error and it could not be delivered: e.g. recipient’s inbox is full, recipient server is not available, email address does not exist, etc. 

The email can be viewed by clicking anywhere along the row in your list - an overlay will show its contents:



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  • Avatar
    Bob White

    Good to have this feature, thanks.
    FYI - I'm not sure sorting is working correctly when you view sent emails over more than just current month and there is no need for 'Tomorrow' option!

  • Avatar
    Angela Burke

    Hi Bob - thanks for your feedback.
    We can look at your Email Log and see if there is something in your viewable list which needs adjusting.

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