Managing your Roles and Responsibilities

To manage the roles and responsibilities at your venue click on the 'Booking' module along the left hand side of the admin page, then click on the blue 'Settings' button in the top right of the page. On the next page, click on the blue 'Manage roles and responsibilities' button.

This section allows you to create roles and responsibilities which can then be given to contacts or members and applied to your schedule(s). For example you could create a League Captain role and apply this to your schedule every Tuesday evening between 19:00-21:30. This would mean only users with a League Captain role can book at this time. For help on how to apply roles and responsibilities to you schedule, please see Managing Your Schedules.

You can give the role a name, a description and "archive" it - if no longer in use.

To add additional responsibilities click on '+ Add new responsibility'.

Make sure you save any changes you make by clicking the 'Save responsibilities' button before you exit the page.

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