Setting up your Venue Profile

The ClubSpark venue profile allows you to:

  • Add your club logo which will appear on your booking sheet
  • Change the colour scheme of your booking sheet
  • Choose the header style of your booking sheet
  • Change the URL segment for your venue

To access your venue profile click on the 'Profile' module down the left hand side of the admin site.

The profile module is where your venue's contact details and address are stored but you won't be able to edit these within ClubSpark. To edit your venue's details head to the Place to Play Administrator section of the LTA website or contact the British Tennis Services Team on who will be able to make the changes for you.

To change your venues URL segment, just change the text in the URL segment field. Once saved, this will be updated.

To add a club logo click the 'Choose file' tab, as shown in the image below. Please ensure the file format is JPG, PNG or GIF. 


In the booking sheet your venue's name will appear along side your club logo unless you check the 'Do not show textual venue name' box, as shown above. Venue's with a logo which is predominantly the venue's name, may want to check this box. If you decide to keep your venue's name along side your logo, then the text will appear in your chosen primary colour.

When choosing your header style, you can pick between having a white background with your chosen primary colour as your text or having your chosen primary colour as your background with white text. Which one looks best will vary from venue to venue. To see how yours looks, apply your chosen style and then view it in your booking sheet.

Make sure you save any changes made by click the 'Save changes' tab at the bottom of the page.  


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