Applying Booking Rules

To access the Booking Rules settings for your venue:

Click on the 'Booking' module along the left hand side of the admin page
Select “Settings” (in top right)
Click on the “Manage basic Settings” button

Scroll down until you reach the "Booking rules" section.

Booking Rules allow you to decide:

  • How far in advance a booking can be made ("Advanced booking period (days)")

  • How many bookings a player can make  ("maximum bookings during period")

  • Within a given time period ("maximum bookings period (days)")

  • How long the player will be on court ("maximum booking slots per booking")

In the example below for "Everyone", with Timings previously set as: Booking Slot Duration = e.g. 60 minutes - can be described as:

Advance Booking Period (Days) = 7.  This means, the player can book up to 7 days in advance of the date they would like to book.

Max bookings during period = 1. This means, the player can make 1 booking for the period. 

The period is set as:

Max bookings period (days) = 1. This means, the player can make a booking, every 1 day.

If Max bookings period was set to 7, then the player would be able to make 1 booking, every 7 days. The 7 days would start from the date of booking e.g. Wednesday + 6 days

Max booking slots per booking = 4. This means, the player can use 4 x 60 minute slots.

With all of these rules in place, the player can: Make 1 booking, up to 7 days in advance, every day, with a maximum time of 4 hours on the court per booking. See below for "Everyone"

You also have the option to add rules and apply these to different types of users. E.g. the advanced booking period for a user with a responsibility as a Coach could be longer than everyone else. You can add further rules by clicking the '+Add row' tab. Please see image below.

In the example above, a Coach would be able to make 4 bookings, every (1) day, 6 hours for each booking and up to 30 days in advance.

Finally, make sure you save any changes you make by clicking on the 'Save settings' button at the bottom of the page before you exit.

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