How to add an administrator to your venue?


There are various Administrator Roles available in ClubSpark which you can assign to members of your organisation. These roles allow others to make changes to your ClubSpark account, within their specific role.

For example, if you decide to assign full 'Administrator' rights to a member, they will be able to make changes to all areas of your ClubSpark account.

A 'Booking Administrator' can only make changes to the Bookings module, a 'Contact Administrator' can only make changes to the Contacts area, and so on.

In the Admin Area of your account, Click on "Administrators" on the left hand side.

Click "+ Add Admin" button on top right

Then choose one of the following:

a) Fill in the details as required (this option is for a new contact, not already registered), or;

b) Click on the "Existing Contact" radio button and type in a name to lookup from your Contact list.

Tick the box corresponding to the Administrator role you wish to assign to your new / existing contact.

Remembering that the 'Administrator' role will give a user full admin rights. The 'Super Administrator' role has the same rights as the Administrator role but can also revoke Administrator rights. All the other administrator roles will give a user admin rights to the corresponding module.

Click 'Save'.


An overlay will appear - "An invitation has been sent to the new Administrator"

For new contacts, an invitation will be emailed to them. The contact should follow the link in the new email they will receive from ClubSpark, to "Register" with your venue as an administrator.

Existing contacts will also receive an email asking them to "Sign in" to access their new administrator rights. Existing contacts will need to completely sign out of previous ClubSpark sessions (sign out and close down browsers) before clicking on the link in the email. If existing ClubSpark sessions remain open whilst following the link, the new administrator rights won't be accessed. 

After clicking on the link in the email - existing contacts will now be able to "Sign in" (as before) and access the 'Admin Area' by clicking on their name in the top right hand corner of your Club's website and selecting "Admin area" from the drop down menu. 










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