Sending Payment Requests

You can send out payment requests from within any of your membership packages.

For junior and group packages, these request will have to be sent to the main contact. You can view all the main contacts in a package by selecting main contacts from the menu above the last name column:

From the members listing page, select all members by clicking the check box next to the first name column or select individual members by selecting the check box next to each member. This will activate the payment function on the right hand side:

Clicking 'Payment' will bring up the below overlay:

The top part is editable and the email will include your club logo.

The payment request will take your members through the registration process.

As soon as a member makes a payment, you will receive an email to let you know. At the same time their payment history (to reflect amount paid and payment method) will be updated and status set to "Active" in ClubSpark. 

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