Importing From An Existing Package

Importing from an existing package is useful if you have seasonal membership packages and want to get your members ready for the renewal process.

You should first create your new membership package e.g. Adult 2015.

Now, from within the package, click on the import members button:

Go to import from an existing package and select the package you would like to import from. You can choose to import just the active members or everyone from the previous package. 

After selecting your package, click the 'Import' button and once they have been imported click on the 'View members' button in the top right corner.

Your members from your previous package will now appear in your new package. Their status will be set to "pending" until they are sent a payment request and sign up to the new package.



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    Sally Gray

    Do you have to create a new package for each year? Why is there a renewal function?

    If you do have to create a new package, it wouldn't be so bad but...When you create a new package, is there really no facility to import the set-up from an existing package? All the fees, payment options etc etc have to be entered from scratch.

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    David Vale

    Hi Sally,

    I have asked for a "clone package" facility, which is obviously necessary. I believe that this has been accepted, but it's anyone's guess when it will be available. We don't get told these things.

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