How to Use The ClubSpark Coaching App

Before you begin to use the ClubSpark Coaching app, you will first have to create a coaching session from within the programmes module of your ClubSpark admin area.

After you have saved your session, it will be published on the corresponding website, ready for bookings.

If you haven't already, you should now download the ClubSpark Coaching app on IOS or Android.

Sign into the app, using the same account as you use to sign into the ClubSpark admin area. All the sessions you have created will be listed.


Each session displays a list of players who have previously booked. You can check these players in by selecting the attended circle next to each player, as well as adding additional players to the session who turn up on the day, using the + icon in the top right corner. 


The app is synced to your admin area, so any updates on the app, will also be added to your admin area.  

Coaches can look back at session history including information on numbers of players as well as displaying the number of players who have failed to turn up.

The app can provide valuable feedback to all coaches in planning future sessions by indicating which sessions prove to be most popular.


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