Creating A Membership Package

With ClubSpark you are able to create seasonal (fixed date), start from day of purchase and rolling (continuous) membership packages. 

You should create a package for all memberships available at your venue. E.g. Adult, Student, Junior, Family.

To create a membership package click on the 'Membership' module along the left hand side of the admin site, then click the '+Add New Package' button.

The first section to complete is the details section:

Enter the name, code (if applicable), description and eligibility of the package. 

Choose the availability of the package.

  • Anyone can join (public) - The package will be on display for the public to purchase. All newly created packages are displayed publicly by default.
  • Invite only (closed to new members) - The package won't be displayed for the public to purchase. An invite will have to be sent to purchase this package. Please note that all your existing packages will not be displayed publicly by default. You will have to change the availability of your existing packages to 'Anyone can join', for the package to be publicly available.
  • Hidden and closed to everyone - The package won't be available to anyone. Use this status in prepare your package before it's available to the public. This can be useful during the renewal period. Once the package is available, you should change its status.
  • Archived (completed) - The package is no longer available at your venue.

Next select the type and category of membership package. 

After completing the details section you can decide the dates of the package.

First, you will have to decide the type:

  • Same dates for all members - This allows you to put in a fixed start and end date, which will be the same for all members. Venues with seasonal memberships should use this option.

  • Based on the date purchased - This allows you to select the term length which can be a set number of months e.g. 12 months or 'Continuous (no end date). If you select 'Continuous (no end date)' this will be a rolling membership, with the only payment method being online monthly direct debit.


You can also decide your grace period. This is the number of days you will allow members to pay their member after the actual start date.


Now decide the costs of this package:

If you select 'Allow payment in full', all payment methods will be available i.e online, cash, cheque, other. If you don't select 'Allow payment in full', only online installment payments will be available.

If creating a membership that requires no payment such as an Honorary membership, you can set the package costs to 0.00. When members are added to these packages, they payment status will default to paid.

The final part of creating a package is deciding the payment methods you will accept for this package.

If you would like to accept online payments, you will first have to create a GoCardless account. You can do this by clicking on the 'Setup your account' link.

If you decide to accept cheque, cash and other methods, you will have the option to add instructions for your members:

Finally decide if you would like to send payment reminders to your members. If they haven't paid yet we'll automatically send a reminder email to membership primary contacts 7, 14 and 21 days after a payment request was first sent to them. You can enable or disable these emails here.

Once you are happy with all the details of the membership package, click the 'Save package' button at the bottom of the page.

You newly created package will now be listed in the membership module

If your venue uses seasonal memberships, when it comes to your renewal period, you should create a new version of your current package, e.g. Adult 2015. You can then import from your current package into the new package. These members will go into the new package with a payment status of pending, until payment has been received. For more details on importing in an existing package, follow the below link:

Importing from an existing package

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  • Avatar
    David Vale

    It would be useful to be able to copy an existing package then make changes. Most of them are very similar. When I have to set them all up for a new year they will be identical apart from the subscription and dates.

  • Avatar
    Olivier Magere

    I agree with David. The process is more cumbersome than it should be.

  • Avatar
    Alex Revell


    We agree and plan to development a duplicate package feature going forward.

  • Avatar
    Mike Bernard

    If new members can join packages then who can mark them as 'paid'? Is this solely membership administrators?

  • Avatar
    Alex Revell

    Hi Mike,
    The Membership Administrator as well as the Administrator will be able to mark them as paid.

  • Avatar
    David Vale

    I know that those with membership packages based on purchase date are sent an invitation to rejoin before the existing membership expires. (I have requested this function be made optional as it is VERY unhelpful for our Trial Membership). Can you tell me when the invitation is issued (i.e. how many days before expiry), so we can try to work round the problems it creates.
    Thanks, David

  • Avatar
    Alex Revell

    The invitations are sent one week before and on the day of expiry. We will be making these invites optional and expect this to be released shortly.

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