Your settings

Your settings section is where you can decide your URL segment, add a logo and select your primary colour.

To change your venue's URL segment, just change the text in the URL segment field. Once saved, this will be updated.

To add a club logo click browse. Please ensure the file format is JPG, PNG or GIF. 

Your venue's name will appear along side your club logo unless you check the 'Do not show textual venue name' box. Venues with a logo which is predominantly the venue's name, may want to check this box. If you decide to keep your venue's name along side your logo, then the text will appear in your chosen primary colour.

When choosing your header style, you can pick between having a white background with your chosen primary colour as your text or having your chosen primary colour as your background with white text. Which one looks best will vary from venue to venue. To see how yours looks, apply your chosen style and then view it in your booking sheet.

Logo Override

If your venue operates a separate website with links to the ClubSpark pages, then "Logo Override" is a convenient way to direct your users back to your venue website after their ClubSpark transactions have completed.

By default, your venue's logo and text will automatically navigate to the ClubSpark homepage. To change the navigation to an external website, follow these steps:

In the Admin Area, Click on "Website" on the left hand side

Click on "Settings"

In the Settings section, next to "Logo link override" type in your external website's URL


 Click on "Save" and the changes will be updated. Test the link by clicking on your venue's logo within ClubSpark to ensure the user is directed to the correct URL address. 

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