Turn Off Administrator Email Notification

Over time, you may find it is no longer necessary or convenient to receive the system email notifications into your specified Administrator email account.

To "Turn Off" these email notifications, carry out the following steps:

1) In Admin Area, select "Administrators" on bottom left column of options.

2) Click anywhere on the name of the Administrator who would like this function turned off. You will be directed to the individual contact record for that Administrator.

3) Click on blue "Edit Contact" button in the top right corner.

3) With the editable record of the Administrator open, scroll to the very bottom of the page.

4) Under the "Receive admin email notifications" section, 'Untick' the box(es) next to the module(s) for which you no longer wish to receive an email notification. To 'Untick' click on the blue-ticked box to remove the tick and leave a clear box. When the box is clear - the notification for that module will not be sent to this particular Administrator.



A full "Administrator" will receive an email notification for Membership / Coaching / Booking modules - "Untick" all three to turn all of these notifications off. You may also choose to turn off one or two of these functions and still receive the remaining notifications.

5) Click on blue "Save Contact" button to save your changes and complete this process.

Please note: The notifications available to you, will vary depending on the modules you have available.

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