How do I book a coaching course for my child?

In order to book a coaching course in ClubSpark, the person booking must be 16 years of age and over. This means that children under 16 cannot log in with their own account details and book a course. The parent / guardian of the child will need to register an account and book the course, following these steps: 


1. Parent creates their own account: 

1.1 Go to your Club's website. The correct URL can be obtained from your Club's Administrator but will look similar to this:

1.2 Click on "register" in top right of the page (see image below):

1.3 Register with parent/guardian's details (including D.O.B which is over 16 years) either with: email + password (see image below) or; choose one of the options on the right (LTA / Facebook / Google / Microsoft).

You will need to use the same method, each time you log into the site. If you forget which method you've used in the future, your Club Administrator will be able to remind you.


1.4 Click on the blue "sign up" button - and your name will appear in the top right corner of the Club's website - see image below. Click on the down arrow next to your name and you will see the options to view "my account" / "change password" / and "sign out":

1.5 Click on "My account" to make sure the correct Date of Birth is showing:

1.6 If you need to amend this - click anywhere in the box showing the D.O.B (1977-02-23 in our example above)  and a calendar will appear. Choose, in this order, the correct year, the correct month and then click on the correct date on the calendar - then click on the blue Submit button. You will be returned to the main site, as shown below.

1.7 Click on the "Coaching" tab and the Coaching page will be displayed:

1.8 Click on the course you would like to book (e.g. Orange Fridays):

1.9 If Spaces are available, Click on the "book your place" button:

2.0 As shown in the image above, there may only be your name shown (and you aren't eligible for an Under 18s course) so you will need to click on +Add player, to add your child's name. When this has been done, the child's name will be visible each time you go to book a course for them. After clicking on +Add player - you will be shown the next screen (below) - click on +Add new contact:

2.1 The following page will display - and you can enter the details of the child you wish to add as a contact in your list of names associated with your account - Click on "Save Contacts" when you've finished:

2.2 A short confirmation will display and then disappear - you can then click on the link "<<Back to your booking" as shown on the page above.

2.3 The following page will appear (see below) - and you will now be able to select the child's name you've just added to the course booking:

2.4 Choose Member (Y) or Non-Member (N) price, by changing the Y/N radio dial next to the child's name. If you've got another child to add to the course, repeat the +Add player procedure. Agree to the T&Cs by ticking the box, and opt in / out of the additional information and offers from the Club. Finally, click on the "Pay Now" button to pay the price displayed in the "Total cost" box.

2.5 An overlay will be displayed as follows:

This is where you can enter your card details and choose to be "remembered" for future payments. Click on the blue "Pay £xx" button to complete the purchase.

For course bookings, our online payment is managed by the payment provider - STRIPE (

Should you need to contact the online payment provider for any reason, their support staff can assist you via email at:

You will receive a booking confirmation of the course to the email you entered at registration. If you used one of the other methods of registration (LTA / Microsoft / Google / Facebook) then the email you have associated with those accounts will be used for receiving your booking confirmations from ClubSpark.

Please enter the following email to your list of known addresses, to avoid messages being filtered as "Spam":


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