Changing the Status of a Membership

With ClubSpark, there are four types of membership status; Pending, Active, Lapsed and Cancelled.

You can manually change the status of a membership from any membership allocation page.

First head to the membership package of the member whose status you would like to change or your 'All members' view:

Click anywhere allow the row of the member whose status you would like to change. This will bring up their allocation page:

Use the status drop down menu, to change the status of the member.

A lapsed status, will move the member to the cancelled tab in the member list view.

A cancelled status, will remove the member from the package altogether. The member will remain listed in the contacts module.

A pending status, will indicate you are awaiting payment.



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    Sally Gray

    What is the purpose of the "Renewal" tick box?
    I have just imported last year's members into the new packages for this year. Should I tick the Renewal box?

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