Adding a Member

You are able to manually add a new or existing member to any of your membership packages. Please note new members can also join your venue by following your unique joining link.

First head to the membership package which you would like to add a member to and click on the '+ Add member' button in the top right corner:

You can now decide whether you would like to add a new or existing contact. If you are adding a new contact, you can fill in their contacts details:

Please note that only the first and last name are compulsory fields. When your member first signs into the system, they will be prompted to check and update their details.

When adding an existing contact, you can use the contact field to search for one of your contacts by name. By typing the name in the box all matching contact records will be returned and you can select the relevant contact:

You can now add additional member info:

If they are not a new member, you will be able to add the date they joined the venue.

Once saved, your member will be added to the package and be ready to be sent a payment request.

Please note when adding members individually, you will have to change their status to active manually.


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