Adding a Tag to one or more contacts

Adding tags to your contacts makes group communication easier and saves time on managing larger contact lists.

Click on "Contacts" on the left hand side

To give a particular tag to all of you contacts, place a tick in the very top left box and a tick will automatically place in all of the boxes in your contact list. Also handy for those "all but one" group emails, where you can select all the names in your list and then 'deselect' the name you wish to leave out.



When the contacts are ticked, Click on "ADD TAGS" above your contact list.

A new box will appear, with the tags you can select to apply to the names ticked in your contact list


Tick the box(es) next to the tag(s) you wish to apply (e.g. Open Days) and then Click on "Save"

Click on the "Close" dialogue box and you will see the new tags applied to those names.

Now if you want to email everyone with an "Open Day" tag, Click into the Tags field at the top of your contact list and select Open Days. Any contact without an Open Day Tag will no longer appear. If you want to change this selection, just click on the small 'x' in the tag box and it will be deleted. With Open Day tag still selected, you can now email the contacts with an Open Day tag next to their name.

Click on "EMAIL CONTACTS" at the top of your Contact list  and a new box will appear

Here you have the option to include unregistered contacts in your email (e.g. Parents of Junior members). Tick this if you do wish to contact those unregistered contacts with this email. Fill in the rest of the details (the first name of your contact will be selected from each record and placed in their email) and click on "Send".

The following notification will appear:

Click on "Close" 




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    Is it possible to ask members to select their own tags to receive targeted emails e.g., social tennis?

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