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In ClubSpark, there is the option to "Delete Membership" should you find that a member has joined the wrong package.

From within the "Admin Area" select "Memberships" from the list of options on the left.

Scroll down your Membership Summary page until you find the Membership Packages. If, for example, your member has joined an Adult membership package, but in fact wanted to sign up to the Couples membership, Click on the "Adult" membership package to open up that package.


With the Adult membership package opened, find the membership to delete and click anywhere along the name of that member (but not the box to the left).

With the membership opened, you will see a blue text box to the top right "Delete Membership" (Please note, if this box is 'grey' in colour, this means you will have to cancel the payment on the membership before you can delete the membership - we will explain that process later in this article).

As in our example above, the member has not yet paid, so you can go ahead and click on the blue "Delete Membership" button in the top right. The following text box will appear:

Tick the box to confirm you would like to delete the membership, then click on the blue "Yes" button on the bottom right.

When the action has been completed you will see the following confirmation that the "Allocation has been deleted":

You are now ready to add the membership to the correct package.

Coming back to our earlier example, if your member had already paid for the incorrect "Adult" package by cash / cheque / other, all you need to do here is cancel the payment on the system, so that it is showing as 'cancelled' or 'pending.'

Please note: At this time, memberships which have been paid online through GoCardless, are not able to be deleted.

You can see that the "Delete Memberhip" button below is 'greyed' - you cannot click on it until the payment has been cancelled.

Scroll down to the Payments section and click on the blue "Edit" button to the right of the "Paid" Status.

In the drop-down box under 'Status', select "Cancelled" and then click on the "Save" button to the right.

You will then see a tick with the notification "Payment saved". After this has finished, the "Delete Membership" button will show as Blue, and you are now able to delete this membership, following the steps above.


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    Nick Steenberg

    I have managed to clear out old memberships, where members have changed their package

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    Very Clear and helpful instructions

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