How to Book a Court (Parents of Child members)

Parents can book a court using their child's membership in a few easy steps:

Firstly - make sure all previous ClubSpark sessions are closed down, before logging in with registered details.

1) Go to your club's booking sheet e.g.

2) Sign in (as parent e.g. "Jane Smith") with your registered log in details (this will be either email + Password, or LTA credentials, Microsoft or Facebook login). Your club's administrator can check this if you've forgotten.

3) Currently, the booking sheet will either be locked or show a charge. If your club offers free court booking to members, then you can change the view to your Child's membership. In top right corner, click on the down arrow next to the parent's name and change the user name to the Child's name (e.g. "Mikey")


4) With the user view changed to "Mikey Smith" Click on the "Book a Court" box (see below)

5) Viewing the booking sheet as a child member, you will be able to book a court, free of charge.

6) Select the time slot you'd like to book:

 7) Click on "Book now" button as above, and for first time users - you will be asked to accept the Club's T&Cs for using the courts (see below):

8) Click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the T&C page and the booking will show as follows:

9) Click on the blue "Confirm" button, to finish this process and you will receive the following:

10) This finishes the booking process. You can make more bookings (depending on your Club's booking rules) by clicking on the "Book another court" button. If you would like to review all your bookings - click on the "View my bookings" button to see these listed:

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