Holiday Camps: Adding participants to Camps in Admin Area

Participants and offline payments (Cheque / Cash / BACS transfers) can be added manually via your Admin Area. 

After creating your Holiday Camp click on the 'Coaching' module in the Admin Area, Select 'Holiday Camps' in the top right corner and your camp will display.


Click anywhere along the name of your camp as shown above and the following screen will display:



Click on the 'Add participant' button to the right of the screen, and the next page will show the camp sessions available to book for the first player (additional players from the same family / group can be added to this booking after saving the first player's details). Tick the boxes as required:



In the next section enter the details for the Parent / Guardian of the player:


Next, enter the details for the (first) player. When completed, click on the blue Save button at the bottom and tick or untick the box to send a confirmation of the booking to the player's Parent / Guardian:



On the next screen, 'offline' payment details can be entered into the 'Amount' box - click on the 'save' button to the right of that box to save the payment. To create additional notes on this record, enter the text in the Notes box and click on the blue 'Post Note' button.



To add a sibling to this booking (with the same session details) click on the blue "Add Player" button as shown in the screen shot above. Enter the details for the second player on the next screen (the Parent / Guardian details will be the same as before):



Click on the blue 'Save' button as shown above and the second player will be added and displayed on the next screen:


The second player qualifies for the 10% sibling discount offered in this example - any applicable discount can be entered manually when adding Holiday Camp particpants in the Admin Area.

To cancel both players from this Camp - change the Status in the top right from 'Active' to 'Cancelled'. To remove only one player from the booking, click on the blue 'Remove' button on the right of their record. 

To add more players to this booking, click on the blue 'Add player' button as shown above.

To add a sibling with different sessions - create a new booking by repeating the process to add a participant to the camp (the sibling discount can be applied when entering the payment amount).

Finally, to view a list of the participants for your Holiday Camp, click on the Code name given to the camp at the top of the page (e.g. October2017), and your list will display for 'All Dates' or specific dates as selected in the drop down box shown below:


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