Editing The Costs of a Package for an Individual or Group

With ClubSpark you can edit the costs of a package for an individual or group. This could be useful when wanting to give a discount to a particular individual or group.

In the member list view, click anywhere on the row of the member for whom you would like to edit the costs:

Clicking the edit button will allow you to adjust the full cost and monthly costs if applicable: 

Once you are happy with the new cost, click save and the remaining balance will updated:

Now when you send the member or group a payment request, they will be quoted the new cost.

Please note you will only be able to edit the package costs if a payment is yet to be made.

If a payment has been made but you would still like to edit the cost, you will first have to cancel the payment, by editing the payment history: 

Once you have cancelled the payment, the system will allow you to edit the cost of the package. 


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