How will online payments appear in my bank account? Stripe / GoCardless


Stripe processes payments for Coaching Courses and Court Bookings.

When you receive a transfer, it should show up as a transfer from Stripe. Some people will also see "Earthport" on the statement descriptor, as that is one of the financial partners Stripe works with to send transfers.

You can see a breakdown of all payments made to you through Stripe by logging into your Stripe account:



GoCardless processes payments for Memberships.

For customers who bank with Natwest, HSBC, and possibly one or two other high street banks, the words  “GoCardless Ltd” or “” will show on your bank statement. 

For customers whose accounts are with other banks, a reference will appear on your bank statements in the following format.


The "xxxxxxx" represents a five or seven character reference that relates specifically to your Direct Debit mandate with ClubSpark. This helps GoCardless to locate the associated customer account in their system if additional information about a payment or corresponding customer account is requested.

For more help with your GoCardless account - contact their support staff here:

You can see a breakdown of all payments made to you through GoCardless by logging into your GoCardless account:

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