Holiday Camps - creating a camp

To create a Holiday Camp, go to the Coaching Module in the Admin Area. As with other courses, Stripe needs to be set up in your ClubSpark account, for the Holiday Camp to automatically appear on your website with the costs also showing. Click here to learn how to set up Stripe. 

You will see the option to create a Holiday Camp appear (top right, next to View Programmes) in your Coaching Module, as shown below:



Click on the link Holiday Camps and you will be taken to the following screen:




Click on either the 'Create a new camp' or 'Add new camp' to start creating your Holiday Camp. The following screen will display (we have entered some details which are explained under the image):



In the Status box shown above, there are the following options:

Public - camp can be booked onto from your website
Hidden - camp is closed to everyone
Direct Link only - camp can be booked onto by forwarding a link to your players / parents (link is created when you click on 'Save' at the end )
Archive - Select this option to Archive the camp when it is finished. 

You can give your Camp a Code / Name and enter the first day of the Camp in the Start Date box.

Number of Days - the maximum number is 5 days (for a weekday Camp). If you have a Camp that runs over several weeks, then you can create a separate 'Camp' for each 5-day block. E.g. Camp Week 1, Camp Week 2 and so on.

Players can Book - Half Day / Full Day. Please note, if you choose Half Day sessions here - your players will still have the option to select a 'Full Day' at check-out if they want to purchase a full day.

Skill Level - Choose from Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / All

Age Guidance - Enter the minimum and maximim Ages for this Camp (leave boxes blank for no limit).


Next - enter a Contact email & phone number for the Holiday Camp and upload a Listing Photo, by clicking on the 'Browse' button as shown below:




Finally enter your session details including: Morning & Afternoon session times, Early drop off and Late pick up times.

In the Costs section (see image below), you can enter options for paying as follows: 

Session Cost: e.g. £10 for Morning or £10 for Afternoon (these must be the same price)

All mornings: This is the number of days your camp runs x cost of Morning Sessions. e.g. 5 days x £10 per Morning = £50.00

All Afternoons: (same as above)

Full Day: Morning Session + Afternoon Session. e.g. £10 for Morning + £10 for Afternoon = £20.00

Full week: Full day x number of days your camp runs. e.g. £20.00 full day x 5 days = £100.00

Early Drop off: Cost per drop off. E.g. £5.00 for 1 hour (9:00 until morning session starts at 10:00). 

Late Pick up: Cost per pick up. e.g. £5.00 for 1 hour (15:30 session ends until 16:30). 

Click on "SAVE CAMP" when you have finished entering your details.


When the Holiday Camp has been saved - you can view it online by clicking on the Direct Link under the Camp listing in your Admin Area (see below):


Following the link - your Holiday Camp will appear on your website with the costs associated for each session / day / week / extras (see image below). Your players can select the sessions they want by clicking on the box for the session (or day / all days)  required and added to a 'basket'.


Please note - the "Early Drop off" can only be purchased together with a Morning Session or Full Day. The "Late Pick up" can only be purchased together with an Afternoon Session or Full Day. The "Continue to order summary" button will be 'greyed' until the correct combination is selected. 

After clicking on the "Continue to order summary" button - the payer will be able to select the players attending these sessions (see example below):


The payer will complete the process by Accepting your Terms & Conditions and opting in / out of your offers. To pay - click on the "Pay Now" button to pay with Debit or Credit card online via Stripe.

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