How Does a New Member Join My Venue?

A new member can join your venue by following the below link:

This link can be placed on your website or in marketing materials that you can send to potential members.

Only membership packages made available to members will be displayed.

Rolling membership packages will be displayed as 'Monthly membership', start from day purchased packages will be displayed with its term length (12 months membership) and fixed date (seasonal) packages will be displayed with the dates the package runs between.

If joining a group package, the member will be able to add the other members of the group to the package:



If joining a junior package, the details of the junior as well as an adult contact will have to be added:

After the member has filled in all their details and accepted your T&C's, they will need to select their method of payment:

Only payment methods that you have enabled for this package will be displayed.

If a member decides to pay online or using installments, they will be prompted to set up a GoCardless account.

Once the payment has been confirmed, you admin area will update the members status to active.

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