Creating standalone classes

Your Coaching module allows you to create a standalone classes within your coaching programmes (Mini Tennis, Tennis Tuesdays, custom programme).

First head to your Coaching module and click on view programmes.

Select one of your coaching programmes to create a standalone class within.

Select + Add new course.

First, choose standalone as your type and then fill in the details section. The name, skill level, age level and description, will be visible to your players when making a booking.

The confirmation text will be seen by your players, after they have completed the booking.


Fill in the class defaults. Please note you can edit individual classes if you require.

Save your course and then select add new class to determine the details of this class (the details will be carried over from the class defaults but can be edited).

Finally, save you class.

This class will now be available to be booked online. If you are using ClubSpark website management, this will be displayed within your coaching page. If you have your own website, this will be displayed at[venue name]/coaching.



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