How Does a Member Make a Payment?

When making a payment online, the first thing the member will receive is an email from your venue. This email will explain the cost of the membership per year and the cost per month if you have enable payment via instalments. They should click on the ‘Apply now and activate membership’ link to sign in or register with ClubSpark and pay for their membership.



If they've not registered with ClubSpark before they will have to create an account or sign in through their LTA, Facebook, Google or Microsoft account.

Once signed in, they will have to accept your venues T&C’s and opt in or out of any consents.

Clicking continue will take them to their profile page. Here they have the opportunity to update their contact details that the club holds.

They will now arrive on the membership renewal page. They should click the ‘Join Now’ button to pay.

Next they can select their preferred payment method.



If they decide to pay online or via Direct Debit this will be done through GoCardless. If they've not registered with GoCardless before, they will have to create an account.



Their membership will now be active.

Please see the attached payment instruction file, which can be downloaded and given to your members.

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